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Telling your story…broxapparel …A very short history

Telling your story…broxapparel …A very short history




a name for a badger.

Broxapparel Menswear – Our Story

I had always wanted to create a company called brox…something or other. My wife’s surname is Brocklesby and shortening it to brocks gave me some leverage to create a company with brocks in the name. It sounded somehow right. In the gym one day surrounded by sweaty bodies I had the idea of a performance athleisurewear brand called brocksapparel and, as the word brock is an old English word for a badger, the badger became the company logo. Shortening brocks to brox meant less letters but still kept the same sound when spoken. So broxapparel was born. On closer analysis everybody seemed to be getting on the athleisurewear bandwagon, so I decided to broaden the product to everyday menswear for everyman. We are not chasing fashion trends; we are all about providing clobber for guys that don’t define themselves by what they wear, but nevertheless still want to look good.

As to the badger motif this animal, if you do a bit of research, has had a chequered history when it comes to public appeal-depending on which side of the fence you stand. But when I looked into the words that describe the characteristics of the badger, literally and metaphorically, I felt a real connection with this animal.

Bold and tenacious when cornered, the badger reminds us never to give up, even when things get difficult. The Badger imparts persistence, determination, and endurance. Badgers have a mental energy and a fighting spirit that teaches us to stick to a project and see it through to completion, even when people think you should never have started it.

I was made redundant 6 years ago from a large national retailer. One evening shortly after the announcement was made about the redundancies, I was out having a meal in a restaurant with a colleague. The subject came up of what I would do next. It seemed in the mind of my colleague that my next job would probably be my last as I hurtled towards the twilight of my career! I would be ‘taking it easy’ and not wanting to challenge myself. I have never forgotten that conversation six years ago as it provided, and still provides, real motivation for me, particularly when life gets a little difficult. It reminds me not to let anyone define you other than by who you are. Don’t let anyone put arbitrary limits on what you should or shouldn’t do based on their own prejudices. But more importantly don’t place limits on yourself.

I had always wanted to start a retail business-retail is in the blood. I have made hundreds of decisions in the run up to launching the brand. Some have been the right decisions some haven’t. But we are over the line and running…okay let’s settle for fast walking!

And me and the badger are doing fine!

So that’s our story…what’s yours?

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